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Federation of Small Businesses

Federation of Small Businesses

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0808 20 20 888


A non-profit organisation that unites small businesses and offers them a range of support, from financial advice to energy costs, to ensure the success of their business.

The organisation is built up of members, with a branch in the Thames Valley (Berks, Bucks, and Oxon) that unites individuals who are running small businesses. To contact the Thames Valley Branch you can visit the website for up to date contact details, here.

They offer benefits across three areas:

Advice - including advice on tax, legal information, and energy costs.

Finance - including Business Banking and Card Payment Processing.

Support - including communications, networking,  and cyber protection.

Suitable Ages:

16-18 18-19 19-24 24+

Other Criteria:

You must be a small-business owner.


You need to be a member to access the benefits on offer!

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