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attention.gif Now that you've answered lots of questions about yourself, explored job profiles, and understand how to find out more, here are some top tips for deciding on which career you'd like to go for!

attention.gif But don't worry, if you make a decision now it doesn't have to be set in stone - remember each job you have can lead to different or bigger and better things!

Top 5 Tips...

  • 1) Know Yourself


    It's really good to get to grips with what you like doing, what you're good at, and what skills you already have.  

    The more you know about yourself, the more you're likely to end up choosing a career that is going to make you happy!

    If you've come up with a few different options and you're struggling to choose between, it's a good idea to write a pros and cons list for each career choice. By clearly laying out the good and bad points you can assess which career you might like most.

  • 2) Do Research


    Once you have an idea of what type of job you might enjoy it's time to start researching specific sectors and job roles. Once you start figuring out what different roles involve you can start making decisions about what you'd really like to do!

    There are lots of different roles so taking a look on Prospects or the National Careers Service website is a great place to start - we've linked to these sites on floor 3!

  • 3) Be Realistic


    Always be realistic - your ideal job may be the head of a company, but you cannot start there.

    It's not likely you'll get your perfect job first time round, but keep building on your career and you can get there. Everyone has to start somewhere!

    It's also very important that you're realistic when applying for jobs. Make sure you have at least most of the skills and qualifications the employer is asking for and be realistic about how competitive applications will be.

  • 4) Be Organised


    When you're planning your career, organisation is key!

    Print out the Careers Advice Action Plan in the Progress Tracker to stay organised - plan ahead and make sure to write down all your career ideas.

    Remember that you don't have to do this by yourself; you can find a careers adviser or even ask a family member or friend to support you. 

  • 5) Have Faith In Yourself


    If you really want to reach you ideal career, and are willing to put in the time and hardwork, you can do it. Anything is achievable if you set your mind to it!

    To make it appear more achievable, it's good to plan ahead and think about the steps it will take to get there. It may take an extra year of study, an apprenticeship, or getting some work experience, so plan your next steps.

    If you want some advice on how to keep yourself motivated then visit the Motivation Health and Wellbeing Academy.

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