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Finding out more...

Now that you've had a look at lots of job sectors, you can start thinking deeper about which roles you might be interested in.

To find out what each role involves you have two options - get in contact with someone in that role (this may even be a friend or relative), or have a good old search on the internet. We've outlined how to get researching below...

  • Asking Someone Who Works There


    The best way of finding out what the job is like is by talking to someone who is there already. 

    They should be able to tell you about what it's like to work there and how they got the job.

    Here are some questions that you might like to ask:

    • Do you like working there? Why / Why not?
    • What do you do on a normal day?
    • What is the hardest / easiest part of the job?
    • What was involved in the application process?
    • What skills are the employers looking for?
  • Internet Research


    A good place to start is the Prospects website, or the Youth Employment site. You can also try internet forums like The Student Room where you can ask questions about the job you are interested in and see what others have asked. 

    If you know the company you want to work for they may have a company blog, website, or social media that you could look at. You can also try typing into Google 'How to get a job at ...' and see what comes up!

    Here are the things you should find out when researching a job:

    • What's it like working there?
    • Are they a caring and fun company?
    • What does the job role at that company require?
    • What skills and experience do they look for?
    • What do their interviews involve?

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