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Why do we have interviews?

question.gif  For almost any job that you go for you are likely to have to go to at least one job interview and likely many more!

question.gif  The purpose of an interview is so that your potential employer can talk to you and see what kind of a person you are. It is part of the hiring process and gives the employer a chance to see what you are really like.

question.gif  It is also a chance for you to find out more about the position you applied to and if this is a job you can and want to do.

Types of Interview...

  • Face to Face Interview


    A face-to-face interview is the traditional style of interview where you meet the potential employer in person. 

    The interviewer may be your employer or one of the team, and they'll ask you questions about yourself, your skills, and the role you've applied for. 

  • Telephone Interview


    Telephone interviews are becoming more and more common, and they involve chatting about yourself and the role over the phone.

    Most of the time a telephone interview will be followed by a face-to-face interview if they're interested in what you say on the phone - so be prepared that if someone says they are going to phone for a ‘chat’ you should treat it like an interview!

  • Video Call Interview


    Just like telephone interviews, video call interviews are becoming quite popular because they can be convenient.

    If you're invited for a video call interview (often through Skype) make sure you prepare as if it was a face-to-face interview - AND make sure the background that the interviewer will be able to see is neutral and professional!

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