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Learning doesn’t have to end once you’ve left school. Colleges offer a variety of full-time and part-time courses and qualifications.

Apprenticeships give people an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and qualifications – everything an employer would look for.

Part-time courses offer a chance to study while job seeking. Gaining further qualifications shows potential employers you are hardworking, motivated and serious about your future. As well as professional qualifications,  English, Maths and ICT are important skills that employers look for when considering an applicant.

Don’t just do it for the sake of it: Education can be expensive. It takes time and effort and it needs your commitment so make sure that it is the best thing for you. Think about what you hope to get out of it and how getting another qualification will benefit you. 

What would your future boss want?: Experience? Specific qualifications? Make sure you know what you need and what will help your future career before you jump back into education.

You can get advice on what’s best for the job you want at National Careers Service.

Ready to get back into education? Visit our Sources of of Courses floor in this building to find out where to go.

  • FAQs and Concerns

    money.gifHow will I afford it?: Education can be expensive and you have to really think about how you will be able to pay for it and whether you might be better off getting a job to gain valuable experience. There is more information on funding your learning in this building.

    But I left school years ago!: Any person of any age can get back into education and get the qualifications they need to succeed! Whether you want to move up in your career or begin a new career, all you need is the commitment and motivation to see you through.
    It can be strange going back to education after you've not done it for a while, but thousands of people in this area do this every year. Just remember that you will have to do work at home as well as at school or college, so make time for that.


    clock.gifI don’t have much free time: That's no problem either, there are loads of options for studying, you can do it part-time, in the evenings or at weekends, while you take care of a family or while you are working. You can even do distance learning so that you can learn in your own home if you can't make it out to classes.

    But I don't know what else to do : there are so many other options that may be better for you, going straight into a job, getting an Apprenticeship or traineeship or even starting your own business. One of the advantages of starting work straight away is that your employer may pay for you to take courses and exams for you! For more information on apprenticeships have a look at the Apprenticeships Prow.


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