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Further Education and Training...

training.gif  Learning doesn’t have to end once you’ve left school or college, your local college most probably offers a variety of further education, foundation, and vocational courses to help you get in to higher education or gain sector specific knowledge.

training.gif There are also lots of options for studing full-time, part-time, and flexibly so there are plenty of ways to make studying work for you!

training.gif  Gaining further qualifications shows potential employers you are hardworking, motivated, and serious about your future. 

Remember that English, Maths and ICT are important skills that employers look for when considering an applicant - so if you've yet to gain these qualifications check out floors 2, 3, and 4!

FAQs and Concerns...

  • I don't want to go to University!


    Whilst lots of school leavers head off to University, it certainly isn't for everyone, and it also certainly isn't the only option!

    It's very expensive, and in some cases college, adult learning courses, and vocational training can give you all the right skills for the career you want without University.

    So if you don't want to go to University, don't rule out gaining further qualifications...

    Take a look at some of the further education courses available at Bracknell and Wokingham College to see the range of opportunities!

  • How will I afford it?


    Education can be expensive and you have to really think about how you will be able to pay for it and whether it might be better to get a job to gain valuable experience.

    Sometimes, getting a job for a year or two gives you great experience whilst earning enough to fund further education which can help you climb the next rung of the ladder. Try not to feel pressured in to heading straight in to further education straight away, you can always head back to learning later.

    If you're a young parent and would like to get back in to education, there's lots of help on the GOV UK site as to how you can fund your learning - see here!

  • But I left school ages ago!


    Any person of any age can get back into education and get the qualifications they need to succeed!

    Whether you want to move up in your career or begin a new career, all you need is the commitment and motivation to see you through.

    It can be strange going back to education after you've not done it for a while, but thousands of people do this every year. Just remember that you will have to do work at home as well as at school or college, so make sure you can make time and space for it.

  • I don't have much free time.


    That's no problem! There are loads of options for studying: you can do it part-time, in the evenings or at weekends, while you take care of a family member or while you are working or job-seeking.

    You can even do distance learning so that you can learn in your own home if you can't make it out to classes!

    Check out the advice on types of learning on My World of Work.

  • Am I just doing it for the sake of it?


    Education can be expensive and most of us can't just take a course because we think it will be fun!

    Spending money on your education is a tricky decision and may take time weighing up the pros and cons - you could even write a pros and cons list to see which option seems best.

    It's also good to remember that gaining a qualification takes time, effort, and a lot of commitment - so make sure that it is the best thing for you. Think about what you hope to get out of it and how getting another qualification will directly benefit you.

  • Will it help my career?


    When thinking about whether your education will directly help your career, it's useful to think about what kind of job you can imagine doing in the future - if your chosen career is very competitive, having a higher level of education may be very useful for climbing the career ladder.

    It's vital to have a good search around, as your chosen career may require a specific course, or even just require GCSEs. Explore job profiles, what jobs are out there, and what skills courses can actually teach you!

    To find out what qualifications can help with specific careers check out floor 5 which gives lots of information on sector specific qualifications! You can also explore careers and what qualifications they require on the National Careers Service website!

  • What other options are there?


    There are so many other options that may be better for you. You could go straight into a job, get an Apprenticeship or traineeship, or even work on starting your own business.

    One of the advantages of starting work straight away is that your employer may pay for you to take courses and exams for you!

    For more information on apprenticeships have a look at the Apprenticeships Prow.

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