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Ways you can get volunteering...

There are lots of different types of volunteering, from taking part in a fundraising event, to helping local people with daily tasks.

Below we've listed a variety of ways you can get volunteering with links to further information...

  • Local Volunteering

    One of the most rewarding ways to volunteer is to work with a local charity or volunteering organisation to help your own community.

    There are lots of ways to get involved in Bracknell:

  • National Volunteering

    You can easily volunteer for a national charity by getting involved in national events, awareness days, charity shops,  and fundraising.

    Here are some of charities you can get involved with...

    information.gif You can also take a walk around town to find local charity shops where you can ask at the till whether they have any volunteering roles open.

  • One Off Events

    If you know that you won’t be able to commit to a project long term then there are plenty of projects which only require a one-off commitment.

    clock.gif You can get involved in events such as marathons or sporting events by being a steward, one off activites, and even festivals!

    clock.gif Lots of the organisations listed above have opportunities for getting involved in one off events.

  • E-Volunteering

    If you want to volunteer from home you can do that as well!

    computer.gif E-volunteering means you can help from your home, and in your own time. Projects are varied and include anything from social media to website help, proof-reading or translating.

    computer.gif You can find e-volunteering opportunities on by simply selecting 'Do-it from home', here.

  • Volunteering Abroad

    Lots of people like to volunteer abroad in the summer holidays or once they have left school!

    globe.gif Volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to explore the world, help those in need, and test your limits.

    globe.gif Many volunteering abroad organisations put together volunteering programmes that include flights, materials, food, accomodation, and training. These programmes usually cost a lot of money, but as the experience is organised for you, it can be good value.

    globe.gif You can look for volunteering abroad opportunities at GVI UK, Projects Abroad, and Raleigh International, or just Google search 'Volunteering Abroad UK Organisations' to find more!

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