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Mentoring Park

How do I make the most of it?

mentor.gif Once you have arranged a meeting with your mentor, make the most of it!
They are there to help you and that is all they care about so remember to turn up on-time and be enthusiastic (and don't forget to say thankyou!)

mentor.gif Before attending your first session you might want to write down a list of things you'd like to achieve by the time the mentoring sessions have finished. This can help to structure your time with your mentor so you don't lose time figuring out what to discuss.

What else could you bring to your first meeting?

  • A pen and paper,
  • A list of questions and ideas to discuss,
  • A business plan (if you want a Business start-up mentor),
  • A copy of your CV (if you want a work mentor),
  • Some research you've already done on next steps you could take.

Most of all relax and enjoy it!


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