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Money and Job Hunting...

When you start searching for a job there are some costs that are involved.

money.gif  You may have to pay for a new suit or smart work clothes, printing off your CV, or travel costs of getting to and from an interview. The costs shouldn't be high, but every cost is worth bearing in mind when you start preparing a budget. 

money.gif  Once you start work there may also be costs to consider that you had not thought of such as membership to staff clubs or team lunches.

Below we've listed some of the costs you might encounter and how you can plan for them...

  • Travel Costs


    When travelling to an interview or a new job, you'll need to look at costs of bus or train travel and calculate how much it will cost you each month.

    If you are going by car then find out where you are going to park and how much parking will cost. It's a good idea to keep an eye on how quickly your tank needs filling up so that you can budget your fuel costs as well.

    Use Google maps to make sure that you are prepared for the journey and know how to get there. Also consider using Travel Line to plan your route.

  • Clothing


    When attending an interview you'll most probably need a smart outfit although this depends on the job you are going for. As a general rule the smarter the better, so you may need to budget for a new suit or some smart clothes!

    If you've never bought a suit before here is some advice that you might find useful...

    • It should be comfortable and smart - you can't go wrong with a black suit or black skirt and simple blouse.
    • On floor four of the Interview Park, we've listed lots of shops you can get a suit or smartwear from, from low cost to higher cost.
    • Once you've got a job you're likely to be able to use these smart clothes again and again, so see them as an investment!

    Remember! If you are registered with Jobcentre Plus they may be able to help you with the cost of buying a suit, ask your Work Coach for more information.

  • Print Costs


    You might want to bring along a couple of copies of your CV and your application to your interview, so you can hand it to the employer if they need it.

    It’ll also be good to take along your CV so you can double check what you've written down whilst you are waiting to go in. 

    Make sure to budget in print costs, especially if you have to print at the local library - check library print charges here (don't worry, it shouldn't cost more than maximum 50p a sheet!) 

  • Starting Work


    Remember that once you get a job you are entitled to be paid at least the national minimum wage - so check your wage just incase!

    As mentioned above, there may be extra costs when you start work such as travel costs, affording lunch every day, or even staff social events. It's good to plan ahead if you need it to fit in your budget, and try and find the cheapest option.

    If you're struggling to afford travel costs then let your employer know as they may be able to assist you.

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