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What Benefits are out there?

attention.gif If you are over 18 then it's best to check the GOV UK website to find out what benefits you could be entitled to and how to claim them. You can look through a wide variety of benefits and advice by clicking here, OR you can go straight to the Benefits Calculator to see what benefits you may be eligible for.

attention.gif You can also contact your local Job Centre Plus to ask for benefits advice. You can find details of your local JCP by clicking here and entering your postcode.

attention.gif If you are 16 or 17, check out the information of Turn 2 Us as they may be able to support you. 

Below we've listed some information about available benefits for Job Seekers, how you can claim, and some useful links.

  • Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA)

  • How do I Apply?

    • To apply for JSA: Firstly, check your elibility. Once you know you are eligibile, you can apply online and through your local JCP. 

      Once you've applied you will have to have a JSA Interview at your local JCP, where they will check documents you have brought along and assess what you can claim. For full details, click here.

    • To apply for Universal Credit: As always, first check your elibility for UC. Once you know you are eligible, you need to apply online.

      You'll have to set up an account online to make a claim, which will then be assessed in an interview at your local JCP. Find out more and what you need to take to the interview here.

    • If you are a carer or have a disability: Each type of carer and disability benefit will have different requirements so check on the GOV UK site for specific details.
  • Other Useful Links

    For more information on housing and council tax benefits have a look at floor 7.

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