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Starting your own business...

globe.gif  If you're always coming up with business ideas, starting your own business might seem like a great option! You can be self-employed, build your ideas, and even make a successful product that might benefit people's lives. 

globe.gif  BUT this career path is certainly not the easy option. It requires an awful lot of time, money, and resiliance! Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur requires you to be determined, forward thinking, and driven to make your business ideas a reality.

globe.gif  Before spending time, money, and energy starting a new business, you should ask yourself...

'Could I start my own business?'

Below we've listed 10 important questions to ask yourself, to see if starting your own business is really right for you...

  • 10 Questions to ask yourself

    1. Have you got a great idea for starting a business that you're super passionate about?

    2. Is your idea different, special, or unique in any way - could you make it stand out from other businesses out there already?

    3. Have you discussed your idea with anyone who might have a useful view on it? Was their response positive?

    4. Do you have any business experience, or someone with business experience that could help you?

    5. Will you be happy working long hours, often on your own?

    6. Are you good at motivating yourself and others?

    7. How quickly would you aim to get your business up and running?

    8. What would you have to spend to set up your business?

    9. How will you finance your business until you start making a profit? And, more importantly, how will you cover your living expenses?

    10. Having thought all this through are you still excited about it?

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