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How to promote your new business...

Once you've started your business, you need to make sure that people know you exist so that you can get clients or customers.

Here are some of the ways you can build your start-up's reputation:

  • Website

    computer.gifMost businesses will now have a website to advertise who they are and what they do.

    Most customers conduct a large part of their research online before deciding on spending their money, so an online presence is important! It could make a big difference to your business, especially if you are thinking about going after customers who are outside your local area.

    However, there are some set-up and domain costs associated with running a website - a free alternative is having an online blog: WordPress is a great online blog platform!

  • Social Media

    phone.gifThere are so many different types of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more depending on your business type) that are worth having an account with! You can use social media to share your services or products with a huge audience and easily get feedback!

    BUT remember, there is no way that you'll have the time to do a good job at promoting your business on all of them.

    The best thing to do would be to pick one that you think is most relevant to your target market and make sure that your presence there is really good.

  • Local Advertisements

    eye.gifIf you are setting up a local business and your target customers are local, then make sure you advertise where they are going to see it.

    Think about where your customers are most likely to regularly go and what they'd be likely to look at. You could find out how much it will cost to advertise in the local newspapers and even ask to put adverts in the local newsagents.

    The key is to make sure that any adverts that you hand out or get printed are a reflection on your business - so make sure they look professional!

  • Word of Mouth

    speech-bubbles.gifIf you are thinking about setting up a trade business then make sure that you ask kind customers for reviews.

    There are so many websites offering advice on anything from plumbers to builders, that you need to make sure that what people say about you won’t put future customers off!

    Also make sure that you talk positively about your business to friends and family, and hand out business cards wherever you can. There are loads of places where you can design and buy business cards online and they will be printed and sent to you: Vistaprint, Instaprint, Moo).

  • Offering Incentives


    When your business is up and running you can encourage people to give your business a go by offering trial deals and first-time special offers.

    Of course you can't offer a reduced price for everyone, but an incentive might draw people to try your new product or service. Then, if they are impressed with the service or the product that you provide, you may get a local repeat customer as well as recommendations to other people.  

    Top Tip:  Offering a special deal for people who refer a friend. is a good way to get more intital customers.

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