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Setting Goals...

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to set yourself goals.

It's important to set goals that are actually achievable, so below we've listed the steps you can take to make your goals achievable...

  • Set Specific Goals

    To begin with, it's a good idea to think of some specific goals you can set yourself.


    Setting large, general goals such as 'Find a Job' or 'Earn Money' can be overwhelming and not help us get anywhere.

    Instead think of what you want to achieve specifically, for example:

    • Find a Job in a specific sector/ place/ company.
    • Save enough money for something special.
    • Rewrite my CV and get someone to check it.
    • Find a volunteering opportunity with a specific organisation close to your heart.
  • Break It Down

    Now it's a good idea to break down your specific goals into smaller goals. 


    By breaking down your goals into acheivable chucks, you can tick off each step once you've completed it so that the task doesn't seem quite so big!

    For example...

    'Find a Job in a Specific sector' 

    • 1) Find out what types of job are available in the sector you're interested in.
    • 2) Find out how competetive the sector is.
    • 3) Find a specific role you are interested in.
    • 4) Re-write your CV so that it's specific to that role.
    • 5) Apply!

    information.gif You could even break down 4) further by creating goals for each section of your CV you need to rewrite!

  • Reward Yourself

    Finally, a great way to stay motivated is to give yourself a reward as an insentive for completing something.


    You can reward yourself after you complete each small goal or save the reward for the larger goal - it's completely up to you!

    Here are some of the things you can reward yourself with:

    • Going out with friends.
    • Going to the cinema / Having a movie night.
    • Treat yourself to a meal out.
    • Meet a friend for coffee.
    • Allow yourself some social media scrolling time. (P.S. is a good idea to leave your phone in a different room when job hunting to avoid distraction!)

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