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Why is it important to stay healthy?

A healthy life style is very important – especially in a stressful time of your life. Keeping healthy with exercise and a healthy diet can help you feel much better inside!

football.gif Being and feeling healthy can also help you sleep well have more energy, and fight illnesses better.

football.gif Exercise can also help boost your mood as getting yourself moving releases endorphins - the hormone that makes us feel happy!

  • Exercising

    The cheapest way of starting to exercise is to just throw on a pair of trainers and head outside for a jog, or finding a space at home to get yourself moving about - you can find lots of useful exercise tutorial videos online or even get yourself a workout DVD to get fit without even leaving the house! 

    attention.gif If you've never done much exercise before make sure to start small. Don't throw yourself in the deep end with a long run or a full on workout, as you might find it too difficult. Set small goals to achieve and work your way up!  attention.gif

    Bracknell Forest Council provide lots of information on healthy living, on their public health portal, as well as information on their leisure facilities.

    Another option is to head out to your local gym, go to fitness classes, or give weight training a go!

    Here are a few that you might want to try:

  • Healthy Eating

    Maintaining a healthy diet does not necessarily mean trying to lose weight – it means eating regular, healthy meals to give your body and brain what they need to operate at their best.

    attention.gif In stressful times it is very tempting to eat fast food and readymade meals – try not to fall into this trap! Readymade meals (even those that claim to be healthy or diet products) have very little nutritional content!  attention.gif

    So why not try and cook for yourself instead – it is a lot easier than you might think and this way you actually know what is in the food you eat! If you're rubbish at cooking you can still give it a go - Check out BBC good food or student recipes for quick and easy recipes.

    For lots more information on eating well check out the NHS Eat Well website!

  • Healthy Living


    coffee.gif Coffee can be a real life saver, especially if you aren’t a morning person! Too much coffee can make you anxious, shaky, and stop you getting to sleep, so it's not ideal if you are already stressed because you are looking for a job.

    coffee.gif Remember that the recommendation is only three coffees per day and that coffee stays in your system for 6 hours - if you want to go to bed at 11pm, don’t have a coffee after 5pm otherwise you might not get to sleep!


    information.gif In 2016 77,900 deaths were attributed to smoking and in 2016/17, 484,700 hospital admissions were attributable to smoking! Smoking increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions – so if you smoke, you are putting yourself at increased risk.

    information.gif The NHS gives you a lot of information about smoking and the related risks. Your local GP can also help you if you decide to stop smoking.

    You can also find support here:


    beer.gif If you are over 18 then having a drink once in a while can be a fine way to relax, but you can easily overdo it. Too much alcohol can leave you hung over and incapable of working the next day so drink in moderation! There is great advice on the NHS site about sensible drinking.

    beer.gif If you don’t drink much or very often, alcohol does not do too much damage, but as soon as larger amounts are consumed or if you drink more than the recommended maximum units you put yourself at greater risk of illness or accidents! Also, whilst the body is still growing, alcohol (as well as tobacco) has a negative impact on growth.

    For more information and support check out the resources and sites below:


    The negative effects of illegal drugs on the human body are vast, and there are very good reasons why they are illegal. No matter how stressful and difficult a job search (or life in general) can be – taking drugs is never a good solution and will have a serious impact on your wellbeing and your ability to work.

    Here are some links that provide information, support and guidance on drugs and drug related issues:


    pill.gif Before you take any form of medication you should always speak to your doctor. Also remember that lots of minor issues can be sorted by making changes to your lifestyle or visiting your local pharmacy.

    pill.gif If you feel that you need medication for any Mental Health related concerns, get in touch with your local GP who will decide if it is appropriate for you to take any sort of medication.

  • Summary

    • Exercise: This can make a huge difference, especially if you do your exercise out in the fresh air. It will help you to destress and sleep better.
    • Sleep: Getting a regular 7/8 hours a night and getting used to waking up early will help you feel more alert.
    • CaffeineTry and cut down on caffeine if you drink a lot of coffee!
    • AlcoholBe careful not to overdo it - alcohol can cause all sorts of problems.
    • SmokingWe all know that smoking is bad for us - so if you do smoke, try and quit.
    • Switch off: The light from the screen on your phone, tablet, or laptop is designed to keep you awake. So if you want to sleep better then make sure you switch off an hour before you want to go to bed.

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