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Being a parent is a full-time job in itself, but trying to work or continue education alongside seems almost impossible. But don’t despair – you can find a lot of support in Bracknell Forest to help you out!

If you want general support as a young parent you can always contact JSNA site and the Children and Family Care site, especially if you are looking for Children’s centres.

Adviza also offers support for parents, you can find out more about their services here or find them in the Elevate IAG Hub.

Additionally the Family Nurse Partnership is active in Bracknell Forest – you can contact them via their website or get information about what they do and how you can get in contact with them in the Elevate IAG.

The Elevate staff at the Elevate IAG Hub is also a good contact when you would like to get back into education or into work as a young parent.


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