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Drugs and Alcohol...

Relying on, or becoming addicted to, drugs and alcohol is a serious problem as it is detrimental to your health. But don't worry, there are plenty of places out there ready to help!

Below we've listed some organisations and services that can help you with drugs and alcohol...

  • Drugs

    No matter how stressful and difficult a job search (or life in general) can be – taking drugs is never a good solution and will have a serious impact on your wellbeing and your ability to work.

    Here are some links that provide information, support and guidance on drugs and drug related issues:

  • Alcohol

    Too much alcohol can leave you hung over and incapable of working the next day so drink in moderation! There is great advice on the NHS site about sensible drinking.

    For information and support you can always ask your local GP or contact one of the following organisations:

  • Smoking

    Smoking increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions – so if you smoke, you are putting yourself at increased risk.

    The NHS gives you a lot of information about smoking and the related risks. Your local GP can also help you if you decide to stop smoking.

    You can also find support here:

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