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We have already spoken a bit about drugs and alcohol in our Motivation, Health and Wellbeing Academy, but just a reminder:

  • Alcohol

    If you are over 18 then having a drink once in a while can be a fine way to relax, but you can easily overdo it. There is great advice on the NHS site about sensible drinking. Too much alcohol can leave you hung over and incapable of working the next day so drink in moderation! If you don’t drink very often and never very much, alcohol does not do much damage, but this changes as soon as larger amounts are consumed or if you drink more than the recommended maximum units over a long period of time – this is especially true for young people. Whilst the body is still growing alcohol (as well as tobacco) has a negative impact on growth and muscle growth in particular.

    Alcohol is also a factor in 20-30% of all accidents – in 2012 for example there were 280 drink drive deaths in the UK. Alcohol also often plays a role in suicide deaths.

    For more information and support you can always ask your local GP or contact one of the following organisations:

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