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There is a new leaflet offering advice and support about hate and mate crime, produced by Bracknell Forest Council:

  • It tells you what hate crime is;
  • It tells you what mate crime is;
  • It will tell you what you can do;
  • It gives you details of who to contact if you have been affected.

The leaflet can be found here

  • Where can I get help from?

    • Tell someone like your care manager, your parents, a good friend, your support worker;
    • Tell the police;
    • Tell the Bracknell Forest Safeguarding Team on 01344 351500 (weekdays before 5pm) or 01344 786543 (after 5pm or at weekends);
    • If you are out, find a Safe Place to get help;
    • Safe Places will have a sticker in their window;


    You can also use a reporting centre like:


    Tell them what happened to you. Tell them it was a Disability Hate Crime 

  • Where can I find out more?

    All disability hate crime is wrong and we want to stop it. 


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