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What is a promotion?

tick.gif A promotion basically means progressing upwards in your career - this could be working at a higher level, getting an increase in pay, or even moving into a new role within the company you are working for.

tick.gif Getting a promotion is always good as it means all your hard work is showing. But if you want to achieve a promotion you'll need to be prepared and put the work in.

tick.gif You can ask your manager or supervisor about what kind of things would make you eligible for a promotion – this might be meeting specific targets or showing particular skills in your current role. Make sure you understand how the company awards promotions so you know how to be successful!

Top tips for getting a promotion...

  • Know the process

    It's important to know HOW you might achieve a promotion so that you know exactly what steps you need to take. 

    Your manager is likely to know how the process works so it's worth asking them about it! A few questions you might ask are:

    tick.gif Do I have to hand in a formal application?

    tick.gif Are there any specific performance reviews that have to be completed?

    tick.gif Who awards the promotion - is it my manager or someone higher up? 

  • Know the timing

    It is vital to know if there are deadlines for a promotion or any time restraints that affect whether you're eligible. For example, you may have had to work for your company for a set amount of time before you are eligible for any promotions.

    information.gif If you're asking your manager about potential promotions, make sure to ask them about any deadlines or elibility requirements!

  • Be specific

    The best way to prove to your company that you deserve a promotion is to be specific about how you have been successful.

    tick.gif  Where possible use numbers and facts to back up what you have done. Did you set up a new project at work? Did you make some impressive sales? Did you solve a difficult problem?

    tick.gif  Being able to prove what you have done will make it easier for your employers to see your contribution to the company. Preparing objective reasons why you deserve a promotion also means you'll be ready with good answers if you're asked why you would like a promotion.

    tick.gif  It's also wise to be specific about exactly what kind of promotion you want. To figure out what you'd like, here are some questions to ask yourself:

    •  Are you going for a specific role and what does this role require? Can you prove you would succeed in this role?
    •  Can you think of a specific example of a skill that could prove you deserve a pay rise?
    •  Is your current role challenging enough for you or do you feel you could take on more responsibilities?
  • Think of the bigger picture

    Over the past ten years some businesses have struggled through the recession whether they're a small company or a large multi-national company. Ongoing changes due to Brexit are also affecting how businesses are being run, and may affect whether your company are able to give any promotions.

    information.gif When thinking of asking for a promotion it's important to consider the bigger picture - there may be a number of reasons why the company aren't offering a promotion no matter how good you are!

  • Keep updating your CV

    Your CV should reflect your skills, what you have done in your current role, and how it relates to the job or position you are aiming for.

    By keeping your CV up to date you'll have documented your skills and successes, which can be used to prove you'd deserve a promotion if the opportunity arises.

    information.gif For more advice on CV's go to the CV Hothouse.

  • Be confident and don't give up

    Make sure you stay enthusiastic even if your promotion doesn't happen immediately - it doesn't mean it won't ever happen! Stay hard-working, as this will show that you are willing to develop the company regardless of what bonuses you might be able to get!

    tick.gif It also pays to be confident and positive. If you don't believe in yourself then you won't be able to convince someone else that you deserve it, so have faith in yourself!

    tick.gif Remember that first time it may not be a full promotion, but an opportunity to support other teams or gain different skills that will enable you to move up the career ladder faster.

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