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When to move on...

globe.gif Once you've been in your first job for a while, you may decide that the next step for you isn't a promotion but a move to another company.

globe.gif You may want to move on when you know that your company has no more opportunities for your advancement. Some companies may be too small to be able to promote everyone and this is something that you should find out about when you start thinking about moving on and up in your career.

globe.gif If you'd like to change your career it's good to start thinking about the next job you'd like to go in to and to have an opportunity in your sights. It's no good leaving your current job to then having nothing to go in to!

globe.gif When you do choose to move on you'll have to hand in a notice and follow company procedure - you'll have to ask your manager about how to move on to know what's required of you!

Top tips for moving onwards and upwards...

  • Work on your skills

    tools.gif Having the right skills might be important if the new job you are applying for requires you to have certain qualifications or abilities.

    tools.gif Look out for this in advance so that you can prepare – don’t forget that many employers will happily provide training to new employees and that you may have skills you can adapt into new roles. You may even have a chance to complete training in your current role that will help you with future jobs!

       tools.gif If you need a further qualification to boost your career prospects then have a look at our Learning Slopes to see what options are available to you.

  • Volunteer

    volunteer.gif Volunteering could give you the chance to demonstrate new skills and to network with new people, whether it's through work or completely separate.

    volunteer.gif Getting involved in a voluntary role shows that you are willing to work hard and are not just motivated by money! This is a valuable trait for employers, as it shows you care about the job rather than what you will get out of it!

       information.gif If you are interested in seeing what kind of volunteer opportunities are available, then head over to the Volunteering Mall on our website for more information.

  • CVs

    cv.gifIt is vital that you update your CV when you apply for any new positions.

    cv.gifTry and shape your CV to reflect the job description you are applying for, as employers will be able to quickly see if you have the skills they're looking for and will appreciate the personalised approach.

    cv.gifMake sure when writing your CV that you are always honest about your skills, knowledge and expertise. Think about what extra skills you may be able to add to your CV from your first job but always be honest about your responsibilities and successes!

       information.gif For more help writing your CV check out the information in the CV Hothouse.

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