Use the following options to get help with the Elevate Me site:

  • How do I get more help?

    If you're really struggling with your city or anything on the Elevate Me site then get in contact with us directly.

    To do this simply fill in the ‘Need more answers?’ contact form to the right of this list - you can navigate back to this page at any point by clicking the 'Help' icon at the top right of the screen. 

    You can also click the 'Contact' tab and fill in the contact form on the page.  Someone from the Elevate Me team will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • How do I set up an account on Elevate Me?

    To set up your own personal Elevate Me account simply click on the ‘Create My Personal City’ icon on the homepage.

    From there you need to register as a new user by filling in your details (Name, Email, and creating a password). 

    When you sign up you'll have to answer a series of simple questions that allow you to start building your own Elevate Me city!

  • How do I build my city?

    Once you have answered the account set-up questions, the buildings in your city will be activated based on the answers you gave. You can give your city a name and can always activate more buildings if you feel they would be useful to complete! 

    Each building relates to a specific topic and within each building there are a number of floors. As you work through the floors the building will begin to turn from a white outline to a filled in block.

    When you have completed all the floors the building will display in full colour!

  • How do I navigate my city?

    As you navigate around your city you will notice that when you hover over a building, a menu pops up showing the building's contents.

    The listed pages are the building's floors. You can either start at the first floor and work your way up, or jump straight to a certain floor if you know exactly what you want some help with!

  • Is there a special order to go round my city in?

    Not at all! Once you have created your city it is completely up to you how you use it.

    If you know exactly what you need help or advice with then head straight to that building; if not then don’t worry, you wont miss out on anything.

    If you really don’t know where to begin here are some ideas:

    • For help finding a job a route through the Careers Advice Centre, CV Hot House, WorkSearch Stadium and Interview Park could be helpful.
    • For help with education a route through the Learning Slopes, Motivation, Health and Wellbeing Academy and Money, Housing and Benefits building could be helpful.
  • What is a Progress Tracker?

    Progress trackers can be found on the final floor of many of the buildings in the Elevate City.

    The progress tracker is a simple checklist of things you might want to do or think about in order to be successful in that particular area.  It's useful to work through the checklist in order.

    You will find lots of downloadable content, actions to undertake, and questions to think about to help you on your way!