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This Progress Tracker will take you through the process of starting your job search by planning your time, using different search methods, and applying!

If you need further support don't hesitate to get in contact with the Elevate team. You can get in touch, check our location if you'd like to pop in to the hub, and check our contact details on our contact page.

  • Plan your time

    To start with it's a great idea to plan your time and treat job searching seriously.

    To help you we have made a timetable that you can use to help structure your day and use your time wisely. 

    Click here to Download.

  • Find your ideal sector

    The first step in job searching is to figure out what kind of job you'd like and which job sector this fits in to.

    Answer the questions below to help you figure it out!

    If need more help finding your ideal career you can visit the Careers Advice Centre.

    What would I enjoy doing as a job?

    What sector does this type of job fit in to?

  • Find jobs in your chosen sector

    Now that you've thought about the type of job you want it's time to target your job search towards roles in this sector.

    Research your chosen sector and try and find relevant jobs in that area. Once you start searching you should be able to find key words that many job roles use within that sector - for example many roles in retail come under the key words 'Customer Service'.


  • Job search online

    Begin by job searching online - you can either search through specific company websites or use Indeed, Reed, or Monster to search more generally for roles in your chosen sector.


  • Contact a recruitment agency

    Getting in touch with a recruitment agency can help share the load of job searching and open up opportunities not advertised online.

    Check out the list of recruitment agencies on floor 3 for inspiration.


  • Let friends and family know you're job searching

    Let your friends and family know you're job searching so that they can support you. 

    They may also know of any job roles that are open, or ask where they work on your behalf.


  • Work on your applications

    Now that you've started searching make a note of jobs you've seen that you'd like to apply for.

    Put the applications in your calendar and set an alarm for the day before the closing date so you don't forget to send them in on time!

    Use our handy table to organise your job applications - Click here to Download.


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