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Translating Your Skills...

cv.gifIf you've not been employed before, have been out of work for a while, or simply struggle to write about your achievements, you may feel like you have nothing to actually put on your CV... but you'd be surprised.

cv.gifThere are lots of different skills you're likely to have picked up from school, your hobbies, or short term roles that can be added to your CV and are attractive to an employer!

We have listed below some examples of activities you might have done at school or in your free time that you can translate in to skills...

  • Skills from school or college

    apply.gif Essays, homework, or projects completed to a deadline...

    Skills Translator: You are used to working to deadlines and understand the importance of completing a task on time. 


    apply.gif Taking part in team projects where you had to work with other people - e.g. team sports...

    Skills Translator: You have experience working with other people and getting involved within a team to work towards a specific goal.


    apply.gif Taking part in extra-curricular clubs or activities...

    Skills Translator: You have good motivation because you're willing to to do something that you are not required to do. This also shows that you are good at time management because you took part in addition to your studies.


    apply.gif School/College organised work experience...

    Skills Translator
    >> If it is in the industry you want to go in to, it shows that you are passionate about that sector because you have made the effort to find out more about it.

    >> If it was not in the same industry, it has taught you about yourself and what you like / may not like so much in a job. You will also have learned  other transferrable skills depending on what role you had.


    apply.gif Voluntary work...

    Skills Translator: Voluntary work is really great to put on your CV, as it shows dedication and time management skills again, as well as demonstrating that you're hard working and not just motivated by money!

  • Skills from home and hobbies

    apply.gif Helping with family, caring for a parent, grandparent, or sibling...

    Skills Translator: This is a very personal skill but, if you're comfortable talking about it, it can show employers that you're caring and hard working. It also shows that you're good at time management because you've taken on this role alongside your studies.


    apply.gif Listening to music or creating art... 

    Skills Translator: Getting involved in music and the arts shows your creative side - and this can be a great skill for employers to see. It shows that you'll think creatively and may be innovate with problem solving!

    >> If you use any apps or software to create music and art then this means that you are able to use technology to follow your interests.


    apply.gif Exercising in your free time, as part of a clubs or just on your own...

    Skills Translator: This shows that you are dedicated and motivated to take control of your health and wellbeing. If you're involved in an outdoors activity or sport this can also show resiliance to difficult tasks - for example, taking part in your running club even if the weather is rubbish!


    apply.gif Cooking or baking...

    Skills Translator: This shows that you are creative as well as being good at following the instructions within a recipe! It also shows that you have some practical skills.


    apply.gif Blogging, Vlogging, getting involved in forums or online communities... 

    Skills Translator: Being involved in online communities or producing your own content shows that you have great communication skills and are comfortable talking to and working with other people.

    >> If you're the leader of an online community or vlog about your life it can show that you're interested in helping other people by engaging with them!

  • Work Experience

    It's likely that you've completed some work experience in school between years 10 - 13, and it's a great thing to put on your CV!

    When you include any work experience in your CV you'll need to write:

    • The dates you completed your work experience
    • Where your work experience took place - what was the company?
    • What your role was - were you a work experience student or did you have another job title?
    • What you saw and experienced - What did this teach you about the job, company, yourself etc?
    • A few of your specific tasks - were there any skills you gained from these tasks, or any you did particulalry well at?


    information.gif If you want more help on how to talk about what you did on work experience then head over to the Work Experience World and look at the Work Experience Review document.

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