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Why use an online CV builder?

Online CV builders are a great tool to use if you need some extra support or aren't sure exactly how your CV should look. 

cv.gifYou can input the details and information you'd like in your CV step-by-step and it will create a smart looking CV format for you!

cv.gifBUT, it's important you use this as a first draft and don't assume the CV builder has made it perfect - it will still need checking over for any mistakes or inconsistencies!

CV Builders to try...

  • - Reed are a recruitment and job-searching website with a great CV builder (and extra advice!).
  • My Perfect CV - Build a CV to a professional design.
  • Live Career - Use existing templates and examples to craft a new CV.
  • Connexions CV Creator - Connexions is now Adviza, but their online CV builder is still up and running!


attention.gif Remember - once you've created a first draft of your CV, it's a good idea to take your CV to a careers advisor or a friend or family member to have a look at.

You could always contact us here at Elevate Bracknell Forest and we could arrange to meet with you to check the CV!

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