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This progress tracker will help you to practice some interview questions and answers,  check you've done all you need to do for your interview on our checklist, and download a review sheet for once your interview has taken place!

If you need further support don't hesitate to get in contact with the Elevate team. You can get in touch, check our location if you'd like to pop in to the hub, and check our contact details on our contact page.

  • Practice some interview questions

    Try answering the questions below...

    Tell me about yourself.

    This is a really, really common question, so make sure you have a good answer ready. When you are preparing think about your key hobbies and interests and the personal skills these have taught you.

    Why would you be good in this role?

    This is another common question and an opportunity for you to make yourself stand out. Try and mention any skills you have that they are looking for, and any specific experience you have that is relevant to the job.

    What are your strengths?

    Think about what the company is looking for and also how you can show that you have these strengths. It is not enough to say that you are hard working; think about when have you been able to show that you are in your studies or in you work experience or previous jobs.

    What does the company do?

    This may seem straight forward, but you need to think a little about this question. How does the company make money? Does it offer a product or a service? Who are its main competitors? How big is the company and where are they based?

  • Interview checklist

    Before your interview make sure to...

    Research and prepare answers to a wide range of questions.

    Prepare a suitable smart outfit (make sure it's cleaned and ironed!).

    Do a dry-run of your route to the interview (or plan your time scale).

    Print off copies of your CV and application.

    Find out originals of exam certificates, other documents, or ID (including remembering your passport).

    Set an alarm (and an emergency alarm 5 minutes later) for the morning of your interview.

    Get into bed early and try and get a good night's sleep!

  • Review your interview

    Whatever happens in your interview you can still learn from your experience, so use our downloadable review sheet. Try and review your interview as soon as possible after you've done it.

    Once you've filled it out you will be able to work out what went well and what didn't go so well, so that you can become brilliant at interviews!

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