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Why are these skills so important?

All employers will expect you to have some English and Maths skills and many will want you to have at least a Level 2 or GCSE grade C in these subjects.

attention.gif  Don't Panic! If you don't have English and Maths skills at level 1 or level 2, there are options available to you - check the information on how you can improve your Maths and English on GOV UK. You can also study for GCSE maths and English at Bracknell & Wokingham College.

                                                        Most courses up to Level 2 are government funded.

attention.gif Having a Level 2 Qualification means that you will be confident in everyday reading, writing, and maths.  Improving your skills in these areas will help you get ahead in your job or even get a new job.

attention.gif Improving your English and Maths can open up a new world of opportunities to you, and most courses take place in a friendly and supportive learning environment!

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