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Where can I find courses?

There are lots of places that you can go to to take courses, re-do your a-Levels, get training, and get qualifications to improve your career prospects...

  • Bracknell Forest Based Course Providers


    Bracknell & Wokingham College, now part of Activate Learning, provides courses for everyone from school leavers to adult learners. They offer a variety of courses from Higher Education, to GCSEs and Alevels, to Vocational courses.
    Bracknell Forest Council: Provide a variety of courses for the local community in the Open Learning Centre.
    Adviza: This site offers some great advice on what you can do after 6th Form and on colleges within the Thames Valley.
    information.gif Resitting: If you've recently been unhappy with your GCSE or A-Level results, make sure you talk to your teachers as soon as possible about resitting your exams within the school. If you would like to resit later on, get in touch with local course providers about taking exams.
  • Online Course Providers


    Alison: A FREE online course provider that provides certification and diploma courses in a large number of sectors, this site is particularly good for professional qualifications

    The Open University: A well recognised university that provides a variety of courses through Distance Learning.

    BBC: The BBC provides a large quantity of learning materials online in order for you to improve your skills. These courses are free but usually do not come with a qualification.

  • Learn Direct


    Learn Direct is an online provider of courses and qualifications that aims to train working age individuals. The company uses technology as the main teaching method making the education more flexible.

    There is no longer a Learn Direct Centre in Berkshire BUT the majority of courses are conducted online and only require you to find an exam centre near you when it comes to exam time!

    For more information check out the website.

  • Hot Courses


    Hot Courses is a website where you can search a database which lists a number of short and long courses for all levels of learner.

    It is a great place to start when you are searching for available courses.

    For more information check out the website.

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