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This Progress Tracker will take you through choosing an area to get involved in, contacting an agency, and making progress.

If you need further support don't hesitate to get in contact with the Elevate team. You can get in touch, check our location if you'd like to pop in to the hub, and check our contact details on our contact page.

  • Choose a Volunteering Area

    Write an answer to these questions to help you figure out what kind of volunteering you really want to get involved in. If you know already that is fantastic, if not then use this as a chance to think it through...

    How much time do I have?

    What activities do I enjoy?

    What needs are there in my local community/ nationally?

    Who would I like to work with?

  • Contact an Agency

    Get in touch with someone to get your volunteering started - this can be either an agency, organisation, or a company that offers funding for you to start your own project.

    Tick completed when you've completed this step!


  • Track your Progress

    It is important that you keep a record of what you've organised or what funding you've applied for, you can use the downloadable document to keep track.

    Click here to download

  • Review your Project

    Once you've completed your project, don't forget to review it using our review document.

    It will help you to remember all the hard work you have done and the skills you have learnt when you are applying for future opportunities.

    Click here to Download

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