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What do the words mean?

Some of the specifics of an apprenticeship can be confusing, so below we've listed some of the jargon surrounding apprenticeships and exactly what it means...

  • Apprenticeship

    work.gif An apprenticeship is a real job, with a real employer, for anyone 16 + who isn't in full-time education. You'll learn most of the skills you need on the job!

    work.gif It involves at least 30 hours work a week alongside some college-based learning, and can last from a minimum of 12 months to three years, or more.

  • Traineeships

    work.gif If you're 16-24 and not yet experienced enough to apply for an apprenticeship, you can do a traineeship.

    work.gif Traineeships can last up to 6 months and include unpaid work experience, giving you skills that you can carry forward in to an apprenticeship. Find out more on the website.

  • Wage

    work.gif Because an apprenticeship is a real job, you do get paid!

    work.gif Your wage is the set amount that you're payed and what you recieve will depend on your age, the employer, the job, and the area.

    work.gif Visit the National Apprenticeships website to find out the current pay rates and rights for apprentices. 

  • Training

    With an apprenticeship you get two forms of training:

    work.gif On-the-job training from your employer - you'll be learning the skills of the job as you work.

    work.gif You'll also learn some of your key skills at college or a learning centre - usually this is a day or two a week!

  • Qualifications

    At the end of your apprenticeship you'll earn a recognised qualification.

    Qualifications can be earned at four different levels:

    work.gif 1) Intermediate: Level 2 - GCSE equivalent.

    work.gif 2) Advanced: Level 3 - A level equivalent. 

    work.gif 3) Higher: Level 4 to 7 - Foundation Degree and above equivalent.

    work.gif 4) Degree: Levels 6 and 7 - Bachelor's or Master's Degree equivalent.

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