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Getting an apprenticeship...

Getting an apprenticeship will require searching for opportunities and applying just like you would a course or a job!

Below we've listed some advice on how you can search for and apply to apprenticeships...

  • Where can I search for an apprenticeship?

    question.gif  The best place to start searching for opportunities is the National Apprenticeships website which has lots of information about apprenticeships, what they offer, and how to apply.

    question.gif  To search for apprenticeships and apply you need to create an account but don't worry, registration is free, quick, and easy!

    question.gif  You can also take a look at the agencies listed below, such as Baltic Training, AIM Apprenticeships, and Paragon Skills, to see what apprenticeships are on offer.

  • When can I apply for an apprenticeship?

    question.gif  You can search for and apply to apprenticeships all year round!

    question.gif  However, many placements start in August or September, so it's good to start researching what you might like to do in October and aim to be filling out application forms in December and January. Interviews can take place any time of the year but most are from June to September.

    question.gif  If you'd like further information or help with aprenticeships applications, head over to the Apprenticeships website.

  • What will I need to apply for an apprenticeship?

    question.gif  Many apprenticeships can be applied for online and may require a step-by-step application form or a CV.

    question.gif  It's really good practice to prepare a CV for any application process, as you can document your skills and experience so it's ready for you to refer to! 

    question.gif  For help with any CV or application issues head over to the CV Hothouse or Interview Park.

    question.gif  You can also find out more on how apply for apprenticeships on the next floor of this building.

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