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Why make the most of an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to gain practical skills and useful knowlege that results in a professional qualification.

question.gif If you put lots of effort in to learning those skills, you'll be able to use them successfully in your future career - an apprenticeship could also lead to a full-time job with your apprenticeship employer if they see you're a hard worker!

question.gif Even if they don't have any jobs available after you finish your apprenticeship, showing them your key skills will mean the employer is likely to give you a shinning reference for future careers.

How do I make the most of it?

  • Before you start

    So that you can make the most of it, it's important to check a few things before you start...

    • Where do you need to get to when you arrive on your first day?
    • How are you going to get there and what time will you need to leave to get there on-time? (Always leave some extra time in case there is traffic or a delay on the train!)
    • Do you need to bring anything on your first day?
    • Do you have the phone number of your manager or reception so you can call if there is a problem getting there?
    • Have you given your mobile number to someone in the office so that they can contact you?
    • Do you have to wear anything specific on day one; is there a uniform, if so where will you get it and do you need to pick it up beforehand? (P.S. If there is no uniform then go clean and smartly dressed!)
  • During the apprenticeship

    Whilst completing your apprenticeship there are things to remember...

    • Make sure you're always punctual, arrive on-time and warn people if you are going to be late.
    • Try and be enthusiastic - smile and enjoy the experience.
    • Be polite and friendly to everyone that you work with.
    • Remember to turn off your mobile phone (or at least put it on silent) and don’t answer it while you’re at work!
    • Be sure to check whether there are any bank holidays or days your training provider will be shut.
    • Ask for help if you are struggling to understand your job or any of the information that goes along with it - you're there to learn!
    • Take opportuntites to do new things and learn new skills when they arise (even if this may be a little scary)!
    • Don't miss out by not turning up - The more you miss out on the harder it will be to catch-up, and what you don't learn now, you can't take with you in to your future career!
  • The benefits of an apprenticeship

    Check out the video below where Mark talks about the benefits he has seen from apprenticeships in his company...

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