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10 Negative Habits to Avoid...

Whilst your searching for work, training, or figuring out what to do for further education it's easy to fall in to a routine of negative habits.

attention.gif  When there's no structure to your day or you're downhearted about your applications, there are 10 negative habits that it's good to try and avoid...

  • 1) Getting up late

    If you currently don't have the structure of school or college, treat your job search like a full time job.

    alarm-clock.gif Getting up late will leave you feeling grumpy and lazy, so try and get up at 8am and aim to start job hunting at 9am. The morning is the most productive part of the day so make the most of it!

    alarm-clock.gif Also don’t forget that when you do get a job you will probably have to get up early, so start getting used to it now!

  • 2) Going to bed late

    Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that you can do when you are job hunting - it can help you focus which will make you more productive!

    clock.gif Try and get 7 or 8 hours sleep a night to avoid feeling tired (and grumpy!). It's especially important to get to bed at a good time if you're planning to wake up early.

    clock.gif Establishing a good sleep pattern will take a few weeks, so make sure to set alarms and get to bed at a good time regularly.

  • 3) Not leaving the house all day

    It may seem like a good idea to stay in the house all day doing job applications, but you have to have a break, both from the job hunting and your house.

    house.gif You're likely to get bored of doing the same thing all day in the same place, so scheduling in some time to have a break and refresh your brain will help you avoid being unproducitve because of boredom!

    house.gif Go out and get some fresh air, plan an activity, or get involved in a hobby.

  • 4) Never having a treat

    It might be easy to plan a treat for when you get a job, but this can leave you feeling that the reward is too far away...

    cake.gif To boost your motivation why not plan a treat at important stages of your job search. For example you could plan a treat after re-writing your CV or after applying for 5 jobs.

    cake.gif These treats can be anything from going out for food to making time to watch your favourite TV show.

  • 5) Drinking too much

    If you are over 18 you may like to relax by going to the pub with mates or going out...

    beer.gif If you are sensible this can be a good way to unwind, but getting completely drunk will mean you are useless the next day and you will get behind with your applications.

    beer.gif Save going out for Friday and Saturday so that you've got a weekend day to recover!

  • 6) Having negative thoughts

    Don’t let the negative thoughts get you down!

    information.gif If you do get upset because you've had a rejection, remind yourself that there are plenty more jobs out there and this isn't the end of the world.

    information.gif Take a break, find something to do that will cheer you up, and come back to your job searching when you're feeling more positive. It's important to take a break and not over-work yourself just because you've had a setback!

  • 7) Putting yourself down

    Putting yourself down with thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘I’ll never get a job’ are untrue as well as unhelpful.

    positive.gif It is tough getting a job, but being hard on yourself is unfair to you - you're trying, and that's the main thing!

    positive.gif When you next think something negative, stop yourself and think that it's just stress telling you something that isn't true.

    positive.gif If you're really struggling with negative thoughts, talk to someone you trust, or you can get in contact with Samaritans, Young Minds, or MIND.

  • 8) Giving up

    It is so easy to give up when you get a few rejections, but you’ll never get a job that way.

    smiley-face.gif You have to dig deep and keep trying. There's a job out there for everyone, so don't get disheartened if you don't find it right away.

    smiley-face.gif If you feel like giving up then take a break, talk to a friend, do something different for an hour or two to get you back on track. If you would like someone to talk to you can always get in touch with the Samaritanson 116 123.

    smiley-face.gif If you have extra needs, get in touch with us for further help - don't give up, there's always another option! You can drop us an email at or call us on 01344 352777.

  • 9) Trying to do it alone

    When you face rejection or are struggling to find the right job for you, you might feel like it’s you against the world - but there are so many people who want to help you.

    shadowing.gif  Tell your family, friends, or a careers advisor what you are doing, they're there to help you but they can only do that if you talk to them.

    shadowing.gif  You will get more done and enjoy job hunting a lot more if you have support. Check out floor three for ideas as to where you can get help!

  • 10) Wasting time

    Wasting time is one of the most common things that stops people doing things they need to do.

    clock.gif Spending 45 minutes on Facebook and 15 on a job board does not mean you’ve done an hour of job hunting!

    clock.gif You have to be strict with yourself - if your timetable says work on your job application for an hour then do just that for an hour, you can check social media in your breaks.

    clock.gif WikiHow actually have some really good advice on how to stop wasting time! 

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