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Money, Housing and Benefits

This Progress Tracker will help you create a budget, check what benefits you may be eligible for, and ask for help!

If you need further support don't hesitate to get in contact with the Elevate team. You can get in touch, check our location if you'd like to pop in to the hub, and check our contact details on our contact page.

  • Create a budget

    Click here to download our simple and easy to use budget planner. 

    • This budget planner will help you figure out what money you're spending and what is vital and what is not. This will help you keep track of your money and will help you create a larger budget plan for your next months!
    • Write down everything you spend in your first two columns, and then use the handy third column to help you decide where you can save yourself money.
    • This should help you keep track of your spending and how you can keep your money for the things you really want!
  • Check your benefits eligibility

    Use one of the benefits calculators listed on the GOV.UK website to check if you're eligible for any benefits.


  • Get help

    If you need help with anything to do with money, make sure to use the information on floor 8 and get support.

    You never have to struggle alone! A great place to start is contacting Citizens Advice or The Money Advice Service and letting them know exactly what you're struggling with.


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